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Here at Biz Speed Legal we spend the time researching and understanding the complexities of the business and housing sectors, so you don’t have to. We want to provide you with the most up-to-date and useful information we can, to help you succeed in business or with selling/buying a house. We are a group based in the Midlands with the sole aim of using our knowledge to help and inform others. If you are interested in writing for us or joining us please use our contact us page to get in touch.


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Interested in starting your own business?

If you’re looking at starting your own business you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the internet for the best hints, tips and resources and have pooled them together here in a combination of articles and short lists.

Starting a business can be a nerve-racking process, but the freedom that can be achieved is definitely worth the effort. Whether you are just considering self-employment, or have already started your market research and test trading, you will find a wealth of information on our site that can assist you on your journey.


Cottage Door with WisteriaTrying to sell your house?

Selling your house can be extremely stressful, and understanding what works and the complex legal nature of the process can be a minefield. We’re here to help guide you through it, whether you need advice on small improvements that you can make to refine the look of your house or assistance regarding estate agents and the process of conveyancing. We are constantly adding more articles to improve our readers understanding and to make the process faster and easier.

In our property section you’ll find articles and quick lists relating to all the different areas of importance in selling/buying property.


Legal processes involved in trading property

As with most aspects of life there is a lot of legislation that needs to be met when trading in property. This section of our site explains the complexities of conveyancing and simplifies them to make them easy for anyone to understand.

If you have any queries regarding anything on the site please don’t hesitate to contact us.