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We are based in the Midlands in the UK which is a large region known for it’s manufacturing history and which was the UK centre for most of the most well known makes of cars and motorbikes ever built in the UK.

We were a proud manufacturer of silverware and were the greatest gunsmiths in the world at one point of our history.

Birmingham is the UK’s second largest city. It is a great city noted for it’s great tradition of manufacturing and civil engineering.

Spaghetti Junction
Spaghetti Junction!!

Famous landmarks include Spaghetti Junction – a series of interlocking motorway junctions which appears to be more like a theme-park attraction rather than a serious road network; also,famous for the NEC concert centre, the Bullring Shopping Centre.

Some of the best craftsman, steelworkers and silversmiths were known to be employed in Birmingham and the region is famous historically for its tradition of manufacturing fine cars and motor bikes. The city also got caught up in the industrial revolution and it’s industries and civil engineering projects were a mainstay of the area, particularly in respect of its canal and waterways networks. Railway engineering was dominant here post WWI and the region contributed much to aircraft manufacturing in WWII.

The area is vast and incorporates many towns and cities and combines a mix of industrial heritage, beautiful countryside and a sophisticated canal network.


Famous people originating from Birmingham include:

Simon Bates the ex Radio One DJ, probably most well known for his lonely hearts section with that recurring looped flute music. They were always real weepies.

Kenny Baker, famous for playing the R2D2 character in Star Wars. Of course we never got to see him so nobody really knows what he looks like.

Bev Bevan, drummer for the Move and ELO. Bev has been pounding the skins for many years and represents one of the most solid drummers in the business.

The Cadburys. The Cadbury family are a generation of chocolateers. We all love what they did and their chocolate is probably the best chocolate in the world.

Bob Carolgees, actor and comedian. He’s probably not as famous as his puppet ‘Spit’ the dog but he’s a hilarious man and is a great entertainer.

Jasper Carrott. He’s been around for a long time now and this actor and comedian is one of Britains favourites.

Trevor Eve, is one of the UK’s favourite character actors. We all remember him from the Shoestring tv series.

Richard Hammond, one of Britains favourite TV presenters famous for his motoring related myrth and antics.

Ozzy Osbourne is well known as lead singer for Black Sabbath as well as launching his own solo fronted band projects.

Ian Lavender is one of the UK’s leading comedy actors, best known for his role in the nations favourite comedy Dads Army.

Jeff Lynne is the well respected rock musician and producer best known for his career with the Move and ELO and his associations with Roy Orbison and Tom Petty in the USA.

Duran Duran and the personnel associated with the band all hail from Birmingham.

Roy Wood is one of Birminghams most famous sons having associations with such great bands as the Move, ELO and Wizzard.
For more information about Birmingham and it’s history see here.



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