Conveyancing is the name given to the legal process in which the deeds of a property are transferred from the current owner to the future owner and the transfer is duly registered.

It is a transfer of legal title to ownership of the land or property. The transfer usually becomes due on intention of the owner to sell it or upon the transfer through executorship under a trust or by dealing with the probate upon the death of the owner.

It is a required process when selling or buying or transferring the registered ownership of a house in Wales and England.

You will need a solicitor or licensed conveyancer to help you with this. It is a very specialised area requiring a great deal of legal skill and knowledge. You can undertake this yourself if you want to although it would be wise to leave this to professionals as it is an expensive commodity bearing lots of risk if you do something wrong. Based upon the fact that the legal fees themselves do not usually form a major part of the breakdown of fees it’s probably not worth the bother trying to attempt doing your own conveyancing.

The cost of conveyancing varies and it is like most things, you can have cheap medium cost, high end and top notch. In our experience it really doesn’t matter on how flashy your solicitors offices are, the age of their Bentley or the number of Caribean holidays they take each year as a conveyancing case can be delayed for any number of reasons. The cost does definitely go up if you are a buyer as opposed to a seller as your solicitor will have more work to do.

It also stands to reason that in the event that you are both selling your house then buying another to live in that there will be two sets of solicitors fees to account for as the buying process and selling process entail separate work functions.

There really isn’t any reason why we should put up with delays in receiving items like searches when they can all be ordered online these days with virtually no delay in getting back the results of your search. A decent modern day solicitor practice will have invested in technology to offer you systems that can be used to assist communication such as a client portal or case tracking system which would be internet based and accessed through a secure login setup.

Solicitors always tend to place the blame for delays on the opposite party’s solicitors. It’s never anything to do with them but you’ll likely find that unless they have adopted 21st century technology properly the back end processes and form-filling could still be being performed mostly manually so even if one sides solicitors are modernised and have the tech the other party may have nothing thus causing delays anyway despite the sophistication.

This is where access to a case tracking system would be helpful because delays and blame can be clearly identifiable.

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